[Bf-funboard] Comprehensive comparison chart

Tom Musgrove tommusgrove__ at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 18 19:40:23 CET 2004

Okay here they are in Excel and PDF format


Right now they aren't of much use to endusers.

Here are the main comparison categories

Modeling - Polygon Modeling, Box Modeling, Nurbs, Metaball, Sculpt Tools, 
Splines, Patches, Implied surface modeling

Texturing - Brush support, Alphamap support, Layer/channel support, Presets, 
Animated Textures, Volumetric Textures, Procedural Textures, Image 
Projection, Tiling, UV mapping

Animation - Rigging, Motion Capture, Pose Libraries, Animation Libraries, 
Prebuilt Rigs, Synthetic Motion

Lighting and Rendering - Built in/Native Render, Speed, Accuracy, Feature 
set, Shader Support, Ease of Use, Licensing, Live Preview/Incremental 
Update, RIB support, External NonRIB? support

Simulation - Crowds, Cloth, Fluids, Fire and Flame, Smoke, Solid Physics, 
Soft body Physics, Hair and Fur, Ocean and Waves

Wizards - Heads, People, Cars, Animals, Terrain, Plants and Trees, 
Creatures, Architecture, Hair and Fur*, Cloth*

Scripting - Programming, Macro

Game Engine

Interoperability - Import tools, Export tools, Cross Platform, Embedding

Interface - Gizmo's, Collapsible Pallets, Key bindings Configurable, Mouse 
bindings Configurable, Help System, Tutorials

Price Standalone

Price With common addons

I'll try and do some of the categories I'm familiar with tonight...


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