[Bf-funboard] Comprehensive comparison chart

Tom Musgrove tommusgrove__ at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 18 02:29:38 CET 2004

I'm doing a chart for a comprehensive comparsion between the majority of 
popular and useful 3d tools for animating, modeling etc.

The first tab is an overview, subsequent tabs are for in depth comparisons.

Please download the chart, and For each feature set give an overall score (5 
being the best 0 being the worst, or NA if unsupported).  Each feature set 
has its own page for a more in depth evaluation.  After you have edited the 
spreadsheet, please email it to me LetterRip AT gmail dot com  , and I will 
merge it with other peoples updates and then upload the most recent version 
to the website.  You are encouraged to add missing programs, feature sets, 


This chart has a couple of purposes

1) To provide potential endusers an awareness of how good blender really is 
- (you mean blender can do that?) - in this way it can function as a 
'marketing tool'.  (Ie the user can quickly find whether blender meets their 
needs or if it can fulfill a part of their needs).

2)  To provide developers ideas for things that other programs support that 
blender doesn't.

If a feature is something that blender doesn't support, I would appreciate 
it if you can do a screenshot of the feature as implemented in another 
program, or email me a link to an image, video, flash, etc. of the feature 
in another program.

Once things start to get filled in, I'll export it in a format that can be 
directly viewable at the wiki.


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