[Bf-funboard] ideas for a superior topology drawing tool for blender

car trip at spymac.com
Thu Nov 11 19:46:04 CET 2004

Really what is the problem of drawing ? The silo method rather clean. 
You have three methods. left click and draw, middle mouse to continue 
from an end of line point or close two points. and right click to 

It is just drawing the mesh, other than makeing the entire drawing 
automatic it is really easy and smooth. My beef with blender doing it 
at all is that blender would be copying a brand new feature (if it is 
new) that a small company created out of creativity, instead of finding 
a new method it's self for silo people to take notice of blender.

But whatever, if it can be created then more power to ya.

On Nov 11, 2004, at 1:16 PM, myselfhimself at free.fr wrote:

> Use splines rather.. instead of drawing?
> Jonathan
>> We'd require a method to store the drawings as drawings in whatever
>> coordinate frame they were drawn in (fairly easy).  We'd need a 
>> temporary UV
>> mape to project onto, so that it looks like the drawing is being used
>> instantly (what you'd actually do is store them all until you exit the
>> topology mode...).  To be able to still slide the topology around 
>> when you
>> change views you need to project into local coordiantes and then 
>> project
>> back into the stored view coordinates of the object.
> the details and maybe do a bit of proof of concept code.
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