[Bf-funboard] Re: Sky Generator

levon hudson levonh at internode.on.net
Tue Nov 9 08:39:03 CET 2004

you can get texture plugins that do brick patterns and other things at

and the source code is avalible, and in a nice layed out format, if you 
find other procedual texture code on teh net you could try making your own.
now compiling the plugins in windows, thats another problem :|

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> you won't believe it, but i just wanted to ask the same question!
> a sky generator (as a texture type) would be very usefull
> (there is a cloud texture type, but more often we need partly clouded
> sky or the typical dark-clouded sky before a thunderstorm).
> something like terragen would be fantastic, of course, but maybe
> to complicated.
> other texture types i miss in blender are:
> - various bricks
> - various stones
> - various woods
> - water (i.e. surface of the sea)
> - various metalls
> - various floors (i.e. asphalt, grass, soil, ...)
> Karl

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