[Bf-funboard] Use field of view for slice cutting

Nikola Radovanovic bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 28 Mar 2004 01:09:27 +0100


I am student of architecture and I have need for making section cutting.
There is many way to do that, but I know only one for making it
without loosing object geometry it is camera field of view. That is
used in AutoCad, in Blender it works in viewport, but not in rendering.
Is there any way to make it works.

Also I have one propose on that to put 2 parallel dashed lines or
dashed rectangle in basis view representing clipstart/clipend for
better control. Now it is only one line.

There is one interesting commercial program by @Last Software
everyone should see:

SketchUP: www.sketchup.com (you can download trial version)

He has many interesting global approach.

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