[Bf-funboard] improvements on workspace-saving

Fabrizio bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 22:54:46 +0100

You have 'Add new' in the very drop down menu you're referring to - so you
can add as many custom layouts as you want.
Use Shift+LMB to rename.
...and CTRL + left or right arrow keys to quickly jump through all your
saved window set-ups.

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Subject: [Bf-funboard] improvements on workspace-saving

> artists demand: enhanced options for storing different "workspaces"
> I dunno whether this has been discussed before, at least I couldn't find
> anything like it searching the archives. So here we go:
> It appears that Blender 2.32 offers a way of storing window-layouts in a
> drop-down menu on the topmost menu-bar. Yet this function is badly
> documented (or rather, not at all) and appears to have a major drawback.
> Once I change the layout of the currently selected "Datablock" (the
> popup-info on that menu, and I know that a DataBlock could be anything
> in Blender), it stays this way once I select it again. I change views
> all the time, but there are some basic layouts I always want to revert
> to. It would come in very handy if it was possible to store (safely) and
> have quick access to some general layout options like window-positions
> and viewport settings within the windows.
> This concept is part of most major 3D-applications which is only
> understandable from an artists point of view. It seems that Blender is
> already halfway there and (I guess) that it would only take medium
> effort to push it far enough to be highly usable.
> My two cents for today.
> Greetings,
> Konrad
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