[Bf-funboard] improvements on workspace-saving

Konrad Haenel bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 22:34:19 +0100

artists demand: enhanced options for storing different "workspaces"

I dunno whether this has been discussed before, at least I couldn't find 
anything like it searching the archives. So here we go:

It appears that Blender 2.32 offers a way of storing window-layouts in a 
drop-down menu on the topmost menu-bar. Yet this function is badly 
documented (or rather, not at all) and appears to have a major drawback. 
Once I change the layout of the currently selected "Datablock" (the 
popup-info on that menu, and I know that a DataBlock could be anything 
in Blender), it stays this way once I select it again. I change views 
all the time, but there are some basic layouts I always want to revert 
to. It would come in very handy if it was possible to store (safely) and 
have quick access to some general layout options like window-positions 
and viewport settings within the windows.

This concept is part of most major 3D-applications which is only 
understandable from an artists point of view. It seems that Blender is 
already halfway there and (I guess) that it would only take medium 
effort to push it far enough to be highly usable.

My two cents for today.