Windows setup influences... Re: [Bf-funboard] Manager update 2

Thorsten Wilms
Thu, 4 Mar 2004 06:21:26 +0100

On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 08:56:21PM +1000, Luke Wenke wrote:

> I think there currently is an ambiguity about group members' properties
> (visibility, etc) and this problem could be fixed using that idea I've just
> talked about.
> For example, in the "Head" group in the first picture (from the link), it
> seems that the entire group is visible - particularly if that group hadn't
> been expanded to show its members. But you can see that actually one of the
> members ("Headmesh") is not visible. I suggest that the "Head" row not have
> a full circle for visibility - I think it should be something else - perhaps
> a gray circle or a circle that isn't filled in the centre. Or black and gray
> ticks could replace circles and the dashes could be replaced with blank
> space (like in Windows' checkboxes - but without the box).
> The "Background" group also has the same problem. If the group hadn't been
> expanded, people might assume that every single member is visible and has
> that picture frame (rendered?) property.
> The "Mystery" group might also have that problem. But you wouldn't know if
> one of its members isn't visible unless you expand the group and look
> through them all (there may be a lot of members).

Good point!
Based on what Luke wrote I see 2 possibilities:

- Using a 3rd state for VRE settings for groups _and_ object-entries.
Indicating for groups if all members are visible (...) or not. For 
object entries indicating if the visible setting comes to effect through 
at least one group. This 3rd state would not be under user control, but only 
used to differentiate the ON state.

- Or using a rel 3rd toggable state. It could be 'inherit from parent' for 
object-entries, or alternatively a 'overwrite members' for groups state.
But I wanted to avoid 3 state toggling, it's rather ugly and 
feels slow.

Now I guess this is realy the weak point of my proposal.
I still think that dealing with VRE on per object and group level 
is a good thing. But it should better be obvious wich 
objects are visible or will be rendered without thinking.

I'm very busy this month, so don't expect an update. But I'm always open 
for suggestions and discussion.