[Bf-funboard] move to target/edge constraint

Daniel Fairhead bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 30 Jul 2004 22:45:36 +0300

> In that case, the cursor would become a "referential"
> space and could be displayed with (colored?) axis.


> That would be really like making the cursor an object
> (albeit with restriction) where operations like
> grab/rotate/scale would very well fit in.

I'm not quite sure how scale would relate to the cursor?
In my view of the cursor, it is a single point in 3d space.

How do you see scale relating to the cursor?

Grab and Rotate (as currently in blender) would indeed
be very useful operations for this cursor-with-rotation-and-location
(cwral? rats... I was hoping for and acronym like "crawl"... ;) )

> I think that's an idea that's worth digging for 2.35.