[Bf-funboard] move to target/edge constraint

Daniel Fairhead bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 30 Jul 2004 21:55:43 +0300

> > Are moving vertices(/edges/faces) in normal
> > direction and in tangent 
> > plane also in your plans?
> Yup, and it wouldn't be limited to the
> plane/edge/normal of the vertex you are moving.
> This also applies for rotations too. You could rotate
> around normals, around edges, ...
> Same for scaling.
> The "problem" will be figuring how to give all that
> functionality without overwelming the users with
> options and without cripling the screen with too much
> information at once.

 hm. one mad-crazy-oh-madprof-just-go-away idea could
be to extend the 3d cursor thing to have rotation, and then 
add align-to-edge and align-to-face as shift-s snap menu options,
and have the x,y, and z being local to the 3d cursor when set
to pivot around/by 3d Cursor. This Would work... And probably
wouldn't be too difficult to fit into the normal way of working in