[Bf-funboard] Special Animation Vertices

Benjamin Freundorfer bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 18:14:19 +0200


forgot to mention that.
that was exactly what i wanted to point out. it would be the same. but a 
special feature to show, these armature parts are no bones and not part 
of the skeletton wuold look great....


Daniel Fairhead wrote:

>>this tool would absolutely be great! especially because you can invent 
>>new positions while animating and you reeally can controll the shape of 
>>the expression without using any sliders, but the model directly.
>>still, i doubt, you can have like a radius with a falloff for influenced 
>>vertices - aka automatic assigning. so you would have to assign them 
>>manually. eg: when moving an eyebrow it would move the "edge" of the 
>>eyebrow above the eye and then some part of the forehead but then a part 
>>of the eyehole would move too.
>>and this tool with manual assigning is pretty similar to bones.
>How is this different to the current Armatures? What can be done with this
>that cannot be done with them already? I have used Armatures for facial
>animation before, using many small bones, which are not attached to each
>other (nesseserally (sp?)) in a "skeleton", but are just placed around the face
>at useful points (along the eyebrows, mouth-corners, cheeks, nose, nostrils, etc).
>You can assign Armature-bones to control as much or as little of a mesh as you
>want, and so fallout-zones are easy to set up and control exactly for each point.
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