[Bf-funboard] Special Animation Vertices

Daniel Fairhead bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 16:22:41 +0300


> this tool would absolutely be great! especially because you can invent 
> new positions while animating and you reeally can controll the shape of 
> the expression without using any sliders, but the model directly.
> still, i doubt, you can have like a radius with a falloff for influenced 
> vertices - aka automatic assigning. so you would have to assign them 
> manually. eg: when moving an eyebrow it would move the "edge" of the 
> eyebrow above the eye and then some part of the forehead but then a part 
> of the eyehole would move too.
> and this tool with manual assigning is pretty similar to bones.

How is this different to the current Armatures? What can be done with this
that cannot be done with them already? I have used Armatures for facial
animation before, using many small bones, which are not attached to each
other (nesseserally (sp?)) in a "skeleton", but are just placed around the face
at useful points (along the eyebrows, mouth-corners, cheeks, nose, nostrils, etc).

You can assign Armature-bones to control as much or as little of a mesh as you
want, and so fallout-zones are easy to set up and control exactly for each point.