[Bf-funboard] Editbuttons/Viewbuttons proposal

samo korosec|froodee bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 14:24:10 +0200

> - Editbuttons becomes clearer, with fewer buttons
> - Viewbuttons menu isn't a useless menu anymore, and can be used for 
> all
> viewing options

I agree completely. Maybe for 2.29? :o)

> Disadvantages:
> - big change in the interface might confuse people......

Not much of a problem - people who know Blender will learn it quickly, 
people who don't find it confusing anyway!

> I also coded some stuff (with the help of Timothy's 1337 OpenGL 
> knowledge)
> to control edge size, vertex size and object color in 3D view.

I think object color would be quite important, especially for bigger 
scenes. Then a shortcutkey+mousebutton and a menu pops up for "select 
by color:"

I think a remapping of the UI is more important than button styles for 
the beginning, and after that's done on can change the style a bit. 
What I'd like to see, though, is to have some more changes rolled in at 
once so the documentation people wont have to change stuff for every 
0.0x release.

have fun