[Bf-funboard] Editbuttons/Viewbuttons proposal

Daniel Fairhead bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 14:47:39 +0300

Hi Roel,

> advantages of splitting the view stuff and the editstuff:
> - Editbuttons becomes clearer, with fewer buttons

Have you reorganized the editbuttons? Or just moved them to 
viewbuttons? If would be good if you could post a screenshot of
the modifed editbuttons too.

> - Viewbuttons menu isn't a useless menu anymore, and can be used for all
> viewing options

Yes. Much better use of space. Can the "All Edges" Button be moved in towards
the others? It is extremely seporated as it is, perhaps causing problems on smaller 
screens and/or smaller buttonsareas.

> - big change in the interface might confuse people......

Naw :-) If they are people who are needing these features
and options, then they should be well blendered enough to
"check all buttons-areas" and also would either know from
the changelogs that the buttons are here now. Or, if they 
are newbies, then they won't have learned the old places
for the buttons.

> I also coded some stuff (with the help of Timothy's 1337 OpenGL knowledge)
> to control edge size, vertex size and object color in 3D view.

Looks good as well. Some extra features I would like, perhaps
now would be a good time to add them (in the same place) would
be an option to draw shaded view with the wireframe, or with other
infomation related colours (rather than material related).

Also, what would be good would be toggle buttons for using "General Colours"
or "Specific Colours" to draw the mesh(es). So with the toggle General,
it would draw this mesh in the usual pink. toggle Specific, would draw in
it's own colours.

If this panel is to have options for the currently selected object, then it
should have the [OB:Name] Box in the headerbuttons, as usual. For non-specific
options (ie, for *all* objects in blender) the buttons should be in the Preferences
Area, along with all the others.

> an example of buttons that can be moved to the viewbuttons:
> http://www.roelspruit.com/var/code/viewoptions/viewoptions.PNG

Looking good indeed!