[Bf-funboard] Render Window Ideas

Timothy Kanters bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 20:15:09 +0200

you can already zoom in and out in the renderwindow,.. atleast you should be
able to
+ and - and move around by holding middle mouse button and moving the mouse.


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> In the thread (above link) on blender.org about an OSA problem... it was
> determined that it wasn't really a problem with OSA but with how rendered
> are displayed.  I'm gonna quote my post to the thread....
> <start post>
> Is there anyway the Renderwindow could act and function like the UV/Image
> window where we can zoom in and out and move the contents of the window
> without any wierd scaling or anything... or possibly have a 3rd option
> "DispView", "DispWin" be "DispPanel" or something like that where we maybe
> a dedicated render panel to rendering or something. Don't know... I may
> this to the funboard.. see what people think.
> <end post>
> Would this be a worthwile idea... if the window functioned like the
> Editor window it would allow images to be displayed full resolution if
need be
> and also zoomed in and out of.  As well as moved around to focus on small
> sections of an image.
> Anyways... Don't know.  Just an idea.
> Paul
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