[Bf-funboard] Demo files!

Landis Fields bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:28:04 -0000


I cannot belive that I am reading this....lol. I just emailed Ton the other 
day about this. We are going to discuss it a little more when he returns from 
siggraph. Here's what I got:

It all started out with my 3D World tut. As you all know the mag comes with a 
cover cd. Well, while writing the tut, my aim has been to provide new users 
to Blender with quality information...quality...the best we have in the 
community. I am jam packing the beast with tips and ofcourse throwing in a 
plug for both the elysiun and Blender3d sites. I then thought that it would 
be bad ass to create what I initially wanted to call "the Blender starter 
kit". What I had in mind for this was a collection of stable utilities and 
other resources (scripts, plugins, materials, etc.) that are almost essential 
for both new and experienced users. For example: CSNmedias "hotkeyboard" app, 
YABLE, the new version of my reference map which was initally used in my 
apple tutorial (it will also be featured in my new tut and will be offered on 
the cover cd of the mag regardless of what happens with this idea), etc. This 
kit could ultimately be promoted as the "Blender expansion pack" and could be 
tracked by a version number. This would do 3 things. FIRST: by being 
external, it would keep the file size under control of the initial download 
of Blender. SECOND: it would get newer users more involved in the community 
by having to access what ever portion of the Blender3D site that would host 
it (maybe downloads or resources). THIRD: it would organize all of the 
helpful information out there that seems to just be floating in cyber space 
for people to trip over. The second one would obviosuly be more significant 
if everyone we all got this ready before I send in my tut. If any of you like 
this idea, let me know and I will create a thread asking for suggestions. 

Also.... as horrible as this may sound, I think that the extras should not 
only be quality but also have a professional look to them. Maybe the 
volunteers that contribute thier materials would do so under the stipulation 
that a team dedicated to this project could alter anything visually, strictly 
for consistency purposes only. All of the materials would then be ran by the 
contributer , Ton, and the community one last time. Let me know.