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Tue, 22 Jul 2003 14:15:35 +0200


This goes out of topic.... nevertheless:

I like broken's proposal for an improved fileselector. Our system has  
all kinds of nice features I don't want to give up. Apart from that,  
for me most important still is to keep a consistant single-window  
subdivide interface working.

With no dependencies for menus, guis, widgets, selectors, etc. to  
specific OS's, Blender is weird, but it allows an intersting freedom as  
well. A review on that topic can best be done for a 3.0 design, but I'm  
sure the opinions will differ among people a lot!


On Monday, Jul 21, 2003, at 20:19 Europe/Amsterdam, Jonathan Bartlett  

>>  I usually know already what file I want.  If I need to see  
>> thumbnails on
>> windows I can just use explorer.  How hard would it be to use native  
>> OS file
>> selection windows?  Would that be an option for the future?  Just  
>> ideas.
>> paul
> Native file selection.  Yes! Yes!  maybe that can be added to Ghost?
> The file selector is one of those often overlooked things that really
> makes you either feel at home or in a strange land.  Having a common  
> to get you the same file selector from every application is one thing  
> that
> UNIX is lacking (even if it is pluggable).  This is the BIGGEST thing  
> that
> trips up new UNIX users, is the lack of a standard file selector.
> Likewise, if GHOST had a selectable file selector
> (Win32/GNOME/KDE/MacOS/etc) that could be chosen at build time, and  
> then
> just use the native one, that would be so, so wonderful.
> Jon
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