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> the image selector crashes with certain file types!! If I recall 
> right, at
> least certain avis do it.
> if one removes the annoying files from the directory, it does not crash
> anymore.
> Haunt_House

Yes it does. But HA! do you know how not easy  it is to locate and 
remove the right file from a trillion plus of other files.
I say something brand new be created, but in the mean time try to use 
the OS's open dialog.

Take my comments as just comments, from a user. And only a User.
By the way JP2 and some psd files crash BF builds and the thing takes 
awhile to load now.
While Tuhopuu is still quick.

> Hi!
> This is my suggestion to what the splashscreen in 2.28 should look 
> like.
> Enjoy :)
> http://nishin.outbreak.nu/splash_228_nish.png
> Feedback? Yes, please.
> /Daniel

It's ok, but needs some more omphh. And more going on as all of the 
other splash screens have had.
BUt it is very clean