[Bf-funboard] Topic for feedback

bf-funboard@blender.org bf-funboard@blender.org
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:24:13 -0400

I just remembered that several issues would have to be worked out.. I think this
discussion took place before in the forums.  The most obvious issue would be
appending data from within a secondary file.  Right now the current file
selector allows you to browse into a blend file as if it were just a series of

Maybe a native OS file selector could be used to get to the selected file and
then if the user got to the file selector via the append command it would then
come back into the current file selector to browse through already selected
file.  This however takes away from the ability to back out again and select a
different file to browse through.   

Don't know.. definitely not a short term project to implement or work through
now with siggraph so close.  I'd still agree that defaulting to the normal file
selector instead of the image file selector is a good move for now!

> Native file selection.  Yes! Yes!  maybe that can be added to Ghost?
> The file selector is one of those often overlooked things that really
> makes you either feel at home or in a strange land.  Having a common API
> to get you the same file selector from every application is one thing that
> UNIX is lacking (even if it is pluggable).  This is the BIGGEST thing that
> trips up new UNIX users, is the lack of a standard file selector.
> Likewise, if GHOST had a selectable file selector
> (Win32/GNOME/KDE/MacOS/etc) that could be chosen at build time, and then
> just use the native one, that would be so, so wonderful.
> Jon