[Bf-funboard] Topic for feedback

Paul Lunneberg bf-funboard@blender.org
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 12:01:13 -0400

Sounds like a good temporary solution... I know I ran into that bug several
times over the last few days.  I don't really need to see the thumbnails anyway.
 I usually know already what file I want.  If I need to see thumbnails on
windows I can just use explorer.  How hard would it be to use native OS file
selection windows?  Would that be an option for the future?  Just ideas.

Quoting Ton Roosendaal <ton@blender.org>:
> - change the UI code that it only calls up a normal fileselector for  
> "Load file" buttons.
> - make a (secret) hotkey, like CTRL+click at the button, which calls up  
> the ImageSelector.
> - also remove ImageSelector from the main menu.
> This way we can prevent newbies from creating crashes again. Power  
> users can still access it, and know they should only use it for  
> searching trhough image directories.