[Bf-funboard] Crafter Sourcecode

Chris Williamson bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 16:48:07 +1200

The Yafray shader block reference is here:


under shaders, I'm pretty sure I've got all the current ones in there, not
everything is documented yet though...

Theres a site with the proposed shaders to be programmed into Yafray here:


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> I think it is quite possible to port, I've cleaned out all of the
> Windows code and am rebuilding it on GLUT. This might have been simple,
> had there been only a single event loop, but each object had a little
> event loop for click-n-drag which makes it more difficult. As a general
> coding note to the world, try to store as little state as possible in
> your flow control. <wink>
> I have it compiling on OS X, but like I said, it doesn't behave right
> yet. I'll post a version when it is usable.
> Questions:
> 1. Does blender use GHOST now, or some halfway solution?
> 1. Is GHOST similar to GLUT? (Being a replacement and so on)
> 2. Where are reference docs on the Yafray and Virtualight shader
> languages? The current windows version of Crafter and the current
> version of Yafray are not completely compatible (The mix block as well
> as other) and it would be nice to know what was wrong.
> --MarkLuffel
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