[Bf-funboard] groups stuff

car bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 09:05:45 -0400

Forgive me for being a fool if I am wrong. But of what use is the new 
or any other grouping
features. Just confused. As blender is a major mess to work in as it is 
now. This selecting children of children
is major league confusing after to long.  Much like the old cartoon how 
to get rid of the mouse so you use a cat, but to get rid of the cat
you use dog , lion -dog, bear -lion........
It just goes on patching stuff.

No matter I just wanted to comment. I wish people would really work at 
bugs and Super features. Like Cloth constraint
Or a " Do not go through " constraint.

And maybe in edit mode we could have all of those nice new toon 
shadings also work is mesh edit mode.

oh well...

> Hello,
> I've just committed the "Group selection" menu, which offers the
> following options (use SHIFT-G to invoke):
>   1 - Children
>   2 - Immediate Children
>   3 - Parent
>   4 - Objects on shared layers
>   1: Selects all direct children of the active object
>   2: Select all children, children's children etc. of the active object
>   3: Makes the parent of the current object active, and deselects the
>      active object
>   4: Selects all objects that share at least one layer with the active
>      object
> Useful for stepping through object hierarchies and for quickly 
> selecting
> objects belonging together.
> The question now is: Does it make sense to assign SHIFT-P (still free)
> as a hotkey for 'Parent', and SHIFT-C for 'Children'? That way, one can
> very quickly find and select object hierarchies. (Select any object
> in the hierarchy, hit SHIFT-P until you find the desired 'parent 
> level',
> then just SHIFT-C to select all children and duplicate them, move them
> to another layer, etc.)
> This should probably go to funboard, but it seems nobody is reading
> there anyway, so I posted it here :)
> Opinions?