[Bf-funboard] Re: Re: "Keep Hidden" and "Make Pose Real" feature suggestion

malefico andauer bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 9 Jul 2003 19:54:39 -0300 (ART)

Sorry to post this as a separate thread but, I didn't
receive this reply (took it from the archive) and
wanted to post something on it.

Jean wrote:

>>Hi, I would like to make a couple of feature
>>suggestions I have already commented with Hos.
>>First, very simple (I think): a "Keep Hidden" button
>I wish we'd make an effort to keep to Blender it's
>simplicity or even 
>nhance it if possible. It already is
>button'n'shortcuts ridden as it is.
>Most of the workload you talk about could be avoided
>by simply making 
>your selection a named vertex group.
>Better stil would be a hidden line mode.

Well, what I want is the functionality, no matter if
it's a button, a shortcut or whatever. 

>>Second, maybe not so simple but who knows...: a
>>Pose Real" key combination that do the following:
>>creates a new mesh with the exact pose a rigged mesh
>>is posing. Think about it like a "Make Duplis Real"
>>sort of thing.

>Here again, a simpler solution could be found by
>making a shift+Dkey 
>copy and alt+Pkey > clear parents and keep
>transform... if only the 
>'keep transform' wouldn't apply to the armature alone
>; why not the 
>child as usual BTW ?

GREAT !, it sounds perfect to me. Again, I'm not
asking you nor anybody to add buttons like a madman,
it's just a simple way to explain what features I
would like to see in next versions....
IF clear parent + keep transform worked with
armatures, I would be plenty satisfied....

>exchange their 'well polished' (I hate Maya's
>interface or rather lack 

Well, I hate 3DMax interface too...

Thanx and regards.


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