[Bf-funboard] ] constraints

Matt Ebb bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 9 Jul 2003 01:24:21 +1000

How do you see the naming as being a problem? To me, as a user (I don't know
anything about the internals of calculation constraints etc.) the word
'constraint' means to me a relationship that influences or limits things.
Something is always constrained to something else.

Link Ton said, would this problem be solved by re-naming 'constraints' to
something like 'relationships' or 'influences'?

Could you explain the problems you see in terms of the end-user interface? I
dont' really understand..



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From: "Jean Montambeault" <coussin@videotron.ca>

> Again that would be perfect. :)
> I am not unaware that backward (the naming probably isn't innocent)
> compatibility  can become a drag. If we can find a naming strategy that
> will quickly connect with what the user is used to and respect the new
> constraints system at the same time that would be ideal. I guess that I
> am thinking a bit like a marketing person who think that, let's say,
> Econocar will mean more to the user than 'Gas-electric Hybrid', unless
> he wants to limit himself to the techno-ecolo crowd .