[Bf-funboard] support for render view plugins

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Thu, 3 Jul 2003 17:05:09 +0200


For integration of third party tools, python is hopefully the way to =20
go, also for scripts that do 3d drawing.

Integration with a game engine might be an exception for this... since =20=

a game engine prefers to handle its drawing itself, and requires all =20
optimized speed it can get.

Currently I am spending my spare time on reviewing all code again, =20
piece by piece... especially to get a better understanding of what =20
happened during the NaN period, when I wasn't active coding in Blender. =20=

A few people have been working on improvements for the internal =20
low-level 'window manager' in Blender, which was supposed to work as =20
something easily extendable.

This work is only partially finished, and because of that reason the =20
code currently looks even more messy than it was meant to be! I intend =20=

to go over this... killing old crap, and put it back together in a more =20=

comprehensible way. First aim is then to make it easier to work with =20
the current windowing system, adding new editors, etc. But ideas as you =20=

have, for plugging in a new engine should work as well.

At the agenda here (in the tracker) is a topic to evaluate how to treat =20=

the current engine in blender, and how to support other engines in the =20=

future. We need more research on this matter still. My preference =20
currently is to decrease complexity in Blender, back to a level the =20
current developers can maintain & improve. Ideas about having a game =20
engine in Blender really requires a team with a lot of time & vision to =20=

build & maintain it. We only frustrate users now with half working =20


On Thursday, Jul 3, 2003, at 10:17 Europe/Amsterdam, Gregor M=FCckl =

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> Am Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2003 00:13 schrieb Matze Braun:
>> Hi,
>> I'm involved in the Crystal Space project and the blend2cs converter.
>> Recently we've been thinking how an optimal solution for designing CS =
>> maps
>> would look like in blender:
>> -It should be possible for plugins to integrate own opengl views into
>>  blender. This would give the possibility to have a realtime CS view =20=

>> while
>>  editing the models. This would need some c++ plugin API I think...
>> -It should also be possible to extend blender UI with scripts. It =20
>> should
>>  be possible to extend/replace or add new windows to blender. At =
>>  adding new buttons to the button window would be really usefull. =20
>> Then we
>>  could easily write python plugins for handling all the CS specific
>>  properties of a model.
> Creating own windows with own UI elements is already possible in =20
> blender. Take
> the Yable script as a reference:
> http://www.coala.uniovi.es/~jandro/noname/downloads.php
> They do a very good job on this, although I found the extra window =20
> really
> confusing when I tried it out. So I think the idea of adding new panes =
> to the
> button window (that's how I understand this) is not that bad.
>> Greetings,
>> 	Matze
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