[Bf-funboard] IK Target Pinning

Roland Hess bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 07:56:16 -0400

I just submitted a suggestion to the tracker, which can be found at:

The description is reproduced below:

As was described by another user on the blender.org forums, I have a 
suggestion for an extremely useful keying tool. The functionality is 
already achievable in Blender, so the code is already there 
(somewhere), but sort of a pain to implement. A single toggle button 
and IPO to effect his functionality would streamline the process.

If you want to lock the target of an IK chain to a certain location 
in global space (for instance, to place a hand firmly on a tabletop), 
you create an empty, then create a keyed CopyLocation constraint on 
the IK target. To have the hand lift, then come down in a new 
location, you have to go through the following: set CopyLoc influence 
to 0, insert a new key, move the empty, key it, move the IK target 
up, key it, set CopyLoc influence to 1, key it. I propose allowing 
users to "pin" an IK target to its location in global space with a 
single toggle button. Select the bone in pose mode, hit the Pin 
button (which would show up in the Constraint Buttons window next to 
a bone that has been designated as the target of an IK solver) and 
voila! A Pinning key is entered into a new IPO. That target bone is 
location-locked in global space. To unpin, simply change the frame 
and unclick the button. Unpinning key generated. This would make 
character animation much more powerful and much easier.

This is from one of the billions of things that Thorax mentioned 
during his extended essays. It stuck with me. Anyone have an opinion?
Roland Hess