[Bf-funboard] Feature suggestion: Renderprocess

Kent Mein bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 1 Jul 2003 02:28:03 -0500

In reply to Ton Roosendaal (ton@blender.org):

> Hi,
> Good idea. In the past I thought of adding this as an extra option,  
> since it probably will slow down rendering a little bit.
> Apart from dispview/dispwin, we then can provide:
> - render in new process
> 	- with window showing work in progress
> 	- without window, but sending back an event to Blender when it's 
> 	ready.
>       (F11 then shows.)
> Something like this?
> -Ton-

Just another idea, you could also have a selection box for how many
frames to spawn.  So for multi processor machines you could
say render 5 frames at a time... (Just another dumb idea) ;)