[Bf-funboard] GUI discussion

Daniel Barbeau bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 30 Aug 2003 21:06:16 +0200


Yesterday I started I little blog where I'll put some UI ideas
it's here:
and I started a thread to discuss the first proposal here:

I thought I could share this here...

I also think there should be a web site where all GUI ideas would be
centralized. Or does this already exist?
becauase I think that, at the moment, there are quite a few sites
where people post ideas, upload mockups and so on and keeping track of
them is difficult (well, i admit I hardly ever bookmark :)
A centralized place where people upload there ideas, there mockups and
where others can comment would allow the work on the UI easier.

What do you think?
I foresee an answer ^__^

do it yourself :)