[Bf-funboard] Keys

Thorsten Wilms bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 30 Aug 2003 15:05:43 +0200

On Sat, Aug 30, 2003 at 12:57:06PM +0200, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi Thorsten,
> Thanks for the analysis. When we finalize the general GUI makeover  
> discussion (I want to speed up that next week again) we can use that to  
> review and redesign the hotkey structure as well. That will solve a  
> couple of the problems you noticed:
> ...

Finalize the general GUI makeover discussion? On this list or somewhere 
else. And finalize for what release or timeframe? I ask because I have
some ideas in my mind that need some development before I can present 

> >I would like to suggest the creation of a table, showing all modes and
> >shortcuts with the asociated functionality. Is there a possibility of
> >generating a rough version of it out of the sourcecode? Or could such
> >a table be created wiki-style?
> Too bad our projects site is still down. Best is to find a volunteer to  
> do the first work, providing a good overview of how hotkeys are  
> structured now.
> For users several hotkey maps have been made:
> http://blender.excellentwhale.com/
> http://pasila.lib.hel.fi/~basse/blender/doc/hotkeys/
> >The table should help to clean up keyboard-functionality. Removing
> >redundancy and making things more consistent by making shure  
> >compareable
> >actions in different modes use the same keys.
> You're cordially invited to do it. :)

Maybe I can build the fundament. But cpould take a month before I have 
the time. So you would put that stuff online?

At first I thought about a html-table. But because this thing is going to 
be huge and much work, the data should be put in a reusable form.

We need to map an action to each pair of gesture and mode. With nothing 
being a possible action. Gesture meaning keystrokes and / or mouse-handling, 
since mousekeys and scrollwheel change function, too.

Database? MySQL? I know how to setup and use a database in theory, but 
have nearly nada experience!

Or maybe write a XML-File. Any suggestions how it should be structured?
And is someone listening, who would be able and willing to write the 
appropiate stylesheet(s)?

> >Therefore, another possibility would be statusba / new window-type for
> >displaying short help messages. In Photoshop ypu can read about  
> >modifier-
> >keys for the actualy selected tool in the statusbar.
> To be put on the list... its a tedious complex thing to do. Compare it  
> with the UI-translation project, which took off enthousiast but  
> completely died out when people realized how much work it is to  
> maintain.

Maybe a statusbar could be coded, that makes it possible to write entries 
into it right out of blender. So you do something and for the actual state 
you'r in, you can press some obscure keys and than enter text into it.
Or to not run into trouble with keys, show a code-number for empty status 
messages. And have some kind of ressource-file where you can put text next 
to the code-numbers.
> >Another approach would be auto-completion (inspired by Houdini):
> >Press Space for the menu. At the top of the menu you can see your
> >keyboard input. A soon as you start entering letters, the menu changes
> >to show possible completions.
> Thats a cool idea to keep in mind!
> -Ton-

Good to read!