[Bf-funboard] Re: Features for testing and critics [Solutions propositions]

ph bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 07:50:50 +0200

Hi theeth

Here are some further suggestions:

The current method of using middle mouse button should of course be and stay
the default. But I think it's best if it is completely overridden as soon as
numerical input is used.

Just pressing a number won't be enough to trigger numerical input, since '-'
would have to cause this effect too, thus altering the PET hotkeys (I think
the gain is lower than the price there). Once inside Numerical input, '-'
can be freely used.

How about that?:

 Once inside G/S or R, if you want to enter a number for all three axes at
the same time, press N. If you want for example the X axis alone, press X,
then N. XXN for local axis. Press ShiftN instead of N when you want to clear
the value beforehand and type freely.

This could be used for all G/R and S alike, with N being already known as
numerical entry. This method would only use keys that are already being used
in a similar way.

Mirroring a default object would then be something similar to SXN-1 Return,
scaling twice the size would be SN2 Return. Rotate 180 degrees would be
RN180 Return. Fast enough for me. And (this is important in my opinion) it
can be done singlehanded.

What do you think?

Another fun way (not seriously, but too strange to not be mentioned) would
be this: If you press N, you see the values. pressing G (or L?) will put the
cursor into LocX and clear the value. pressing GG (or LL?) will put the
cursor into LocY and so on, with R and S accessing rotation and size (damn,
I tried to save this message with ctrl W again).