[Bf-funboard] Features for testing and critics

Thorsten Wilms bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 26 Aug 2003 22:55:36 +0200

On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 03:32:30PM -0700, Martin Poirier wrote:
> Hey guys!
> 3 new features that need some testing, review and
> approval:
> - Numerical input in transformation mode (grab, scale,
> rotate, whatnot)
> - Global and Local axis constraining for grabing mode
> (not really working for scaling yet, wanted approval
> for grabing before). Also planning on adding a move
> along normal mode for vertice grab.
> - Axis Space option for the Copy Loc constraint
> ...

Good to see some work done on numerical input. 
Thank y'all.

Now to the testing:

- select an object, hit R-Key
- move mouse just a little bit
- start entering Numbers
Now you will not get the numbers as entered. When I move the mouse
to a value of 10.95 and than enter 1 the value becomes 11.95. That 
doesn't make alot of sense on first sight.
And you can't set the value to 0 with Backspace. 

With scaling, there are two states showing a scaling value of 1.
1 as entry and 1 as default. Entering 1 will then get you to a value 
of 1 or 11. After deleting the whole entry with backspace I would 
prefer to see just a blinking cursor or something.

I would like to suggest showing of an blinking cursor in the value-
field as soon as the first number is entered. The user could more 
easily understand the effect of keyboard-entry after an initial mouse
move and there would be need for an value of "1" for an empty entry
in scaling. The cursor should be moveable with arrowkeys. Increasing
or decreasing the value in small steps with arrowkeys (the function 
they have now) is'nt needed with numerical entry.

Axis constraining: I would love to see some kind of a hint right in 
the 3d-view of which constraint is active. I find myself to often 
clicking middle-mouse button and wiggling the mouse until I get it 
right. Maybe some simple arrows would do.