[Bf-funboard] Lock-Object per Layer

Ton Roosendaal bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 14:47:53 +0200


Unfortunately, due to the crash, the projects site is not restored yet.  
The purpose was to add features to the 'Agenda' tracker there, and work  
out detailed proposals which can be handed over to the developers.
Mostly, when ideas are ignored it's not out of lack of interest  
(reactions typically come in when people NOT agree) but because of  
confusement about how to proceed with it...

Matt has done quite good work here until now, as an attempt to have a  
level of organization here. Now the holidays are over, it's a good time  
to pick that up again. Most important still is writing out your ideas -  
including mockups or screenshots - and submit that here. Using that  
database, we can work with the developers to make a nice roadmap for  
2.5 for summer next year. :)

About layer options; several ideas on it have been discussed already,  
including 'named layers', 'color layers', 'layers with user defined  
properties', 'layers with options like render/display/ghost', etc.
This still requires further research, to clearly map out:
- how it will fit in Blender (related to objects, tools, python, etc)
- where GUI is located and how it looks like
- what exactly the user options are


On Friday, Aug 22, 2003, at 14:13 Europe/Amsterdam, Fabrizio Cali wrote:

> Hi,
> I had done this mock-up for layer settings which was also ignored! :o/
> Are my mock-ups that bad!! ;oP
> Scroll down to the second half of the page called  'Layer settings
> proposal buttons'
> http://uk.geocities.com/ilac1004/Ideas.htm
> regards
> ilac
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