[Bf-funboard] Rotoscoping, image-planes or background

Fabrizio Cali bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 21:31:06 +0200

I agree. A possible option would be to add a new option in the per object 
drop-down view mode which could be called 'viewport' - ie renders object
in viewport according to current viewport draw mode. All other settings
have over-ride status over 'viewport' settings - whether wire or shaded.

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> I have an easier way (I think). It should be possible to code a "minimum
> draw mode" option.
> that way you could set a plane to always render fully shaded while the scene
> is in wireframe.
> in comparison, the current drawmode is maximum draw-mode.
> Roel
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> Onderwerp: [Bf-funboard] Rotoscoping, image-planes or background
> Hello everyone,
> Since this my firts post here:
> My name's Thorsten, I'm studying industrial design in Wuppertal (Germany). I
> take an huge
> interesst in interaction / interface design and 3d. It's very nice to have
> such a powerfull tool
> like blender all free (speech and beer). It's even nicer to have the
> possibility to influence
> it's future (or even be a part of it).
> Recently I tried to model something human-like, and that brings me to the
> reason of this post:
> At the moment, you can use just one image as a background that appears on
> all views (top, rigt,
> left ...).
> For rotoscoping with 2 or more images (very helpful for character modeling)
> you must stick to
> mesh-faces with uv-mapping. It's alot of work to setup and you can only see
> the images in Alt-Z
> mode. So you can't see the image and work in wire-mode. You have to put
> those faces on a layer
> and disable it for rendering.
> I can think of 2 solutions:
> 1. A new object: image-planes like implemented in wings. They can be
> manipulated like normal
> planes. Images assigned to them are scaled proportionaly. They don't appear
> on renderings but you
> can see the images in all view-modes.
> 2. Background-images per ortogonal view. So you can have different images
> for top, right, front,
> etc.. It should be possible to move those images on their planes to make
> them fit together for
> modelig on the center of the 3d space.
> The second solution means no extra objects to be handled in your scene, but
> the reference images
> can only be seen in exact numpad-views. Images-planes could be used with any
> inclination for more
> sophisticated uses of reference images (don't know if that's realy
> practical). And sometimes it's
> helpful to view 2 reference images (like front and side) and your model from
> an apropiate angle.
> Any of the 2 would be a great improvemnt for me, but maybe implementation of
> both would be
> optimal. What do you think?
> ---
> Thorsten
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