[Bf-funboard] Re: Proposal: Cursor Set

Ton Roosendaal bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 16 Aug 2003 12:37:36 +0200


(to Guillermo:) X11 users already have a nice set of default cursors to  
choose from. In Windows it's a different set, and smaller. In OSX  
however, the default set is ridiculously limited. :-)

We've copied the Glut cursor set to Ghost, but it remains very  
limited... as part of our interface improvements project, defining a  
coherent cross platform set of cursors is very welcome. Especially in  
(further) communicating to a user which mode or tool currently is being  

 From Bischofftep's list I think the tools like 'grabber, rotate, scale'  
shouldn't get each its own cursor. This especially because the amount  
of variants would become confusing; think of 'proportional editmode' or  
'shrink/fatten' or 'extrude using normals'... and what else will be  
added in the future.
If we can define a set of 10-15 good cursors, we've got more than  
enough. I've edited this list a bit below:

* "Normal" Pointer - (use the default OS cursor here)
* WaitCursor - the program is running and the user should stand by.
* FrameCounter - display the current frame number while in playback or  
render mode
* Window edge draggers - horizontal and vertical motion


* Normal pointer by default, unless one of the below cases apply (in  
this order):
* Paintbrush - for vertexpaint / texturepaint / weightpaint modes
* Texture-Face selector - for FaceSelect mode
* Armature Selector - for Pose mode
* TextCursor - for texteditor
* Vertex Selector - default editmode cursor
	* Edge Selector - if editmode defaults to edge selection
	* Face Selector - if editmode defaults to face selection
* Boundary Selector - Appears when the program is in "boundary select"  
* Transform cursor - for all sublooping transform calls (grab/size etc)
* HandCursor - for all (middlemouse) view manipulations

* Viewport Selector - should become obsolete, such tools should be  
provided in a clear contextual menu.

For design; I think we should stick to the default of 16x16 pixels,  
this is supported everywhere. An advanced preset editor as Matt  
describes (photoshop) can better be decided on in a later stage...  
implementing the first step will be more than work enough todo.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org