[Bf-funboard] Buttons & layout

Fabrizio Cali bf-funboard@blender.org
Sat, 16 Aug 2003 3:07:02 +0200

Probably been obvious to most of you for a while but it's something I
seem to have taken for granted till now - I only came to realise the
importance and usefulness of sliders (as sliders) after the recent
changes in the material buttons. Sliders give instant visual feedback of
the available range and where your settings are within that range. With
the current hardness/roughness/size settings,  I cannot tell at a glance
whether I have a high or low setting relative to the available range.

So for the updated interfaces currently being evaluated, I think it would 
be better to try and make use of sliders whenever possible (and
reasonable!!) for numerical values within fixed ranges? A lot of settings 
from the texture buttons could be changed to sliders such as noisesize,
turbulance, the new Hard, rough, size settings in materials,  settings
such as samples and bias in the lamp settings, etc etc. 

I realise and dislike that sliders take up more space than the 'arrow'
buttons but within the context of the new layout such changes might be
suitable and help improve the clarity of the interface by giving better
visual feedback - which is one of the aims of the new gui!  Hopefully
we'll be able to gain the lost space with some clever button layouts! 

...or am I missing something?

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