[Bf-funboard] Particles and fluids and blah blah

Martin Poirier bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 14 Aug 2003 11:02:06 -0700 (PDT)

Hey gang,

> There's also the important topic of memory
> consumption, and having a
> system that can be evaluation at any timeframe (as
> opposed to needing
> to do it in forward timesteps). The choice for
> keypositions in Blender
> particles is based on that.

I think the best way to do that while still using
little memory would be the variable time interval
keyframe thing that I was explaining earlier. This
could even develop in particles path, using NURBS
(standard NURBS without weight, only definable "hard"
points) calculation for the path.

> And - not to forget - finding a way to have it all
> more realtime & 
> interactive, both to serve it as a tool, as for
> playback in realtime 3d.

That would mean some cooperation from someone who
really understands how the game engine works I

> For me the most relevant part of the discussion is
> getting a decent 
> design doc, describing the way it integrates in
> Blender (database, 
> objects, python, constraints) and the functionality
> & interface at user level.

I'm a bit busy lately, but I'll try wiping something

> Looks like at least 2 people (Martin & Timothy) are
> interested to work
> on this; what were your ideas for how to attack this
> topic? I can open  
> a new discussion forum at the funboard project site?

well, if it's just us three, we could well work by

>  It can also be 
> done like many blender features have been developed
> in the past, with a
> few major concepts in mind just start coding, and
> forward itterating it
> towards a useful system. But that's more something
> to use Tuhopuu for...

I don't think that's a really good idea, it will most
likely lead to some design that needs to be changed
half way during coding.

> Just let me throw in a remark on a dedicated
> simulation program for fluids 
> that a (really brilliant) guy did for school:
> http://falmaidan.sourceforge.net
> [Now the author of this program is studying physics
> with me :-)]
> This program does not simulate a particle system but
> does the "classical" 
> approach of solving the Navier-Stokes differential
> equations for fluids to 
> achieve this. And please note that the fluid was not
> rendered using 
> (better-looking) blobs because POV-ray had a strange
> bug that prevented this.

Really interesting. Since it's someone you know,
couldn't you bug him a little to see if he's willing
to have a look at integrating this in Blender?


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