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Gregor Mückl bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 14 Aug 2003 16:18:39 +0200


Although such a tree view is a really nice widget for GUI design, it is wrong 
to introduce it in blender, because the space that gets eaten up by such a 
widget is unfortunately rather big. I think you would end up creating new 
windows or even real dialogues to gain the required screen space.

Blender already a lot of window types. Making that popup-menu longer won't 
solve any problems. Neither won't creating real dialogues.

I sure hope I miss an option here, because I actually believe that these could 
be a good addition to the UI (except for the surprisingly big coding effort 
that every GUI toolkit requires for these widgets).


Am Mittwoch, 13. August 2003 15:36 schrieb Ton Roosendaal:
> Hi,
> While checking on the particle plugin, I noticed the interface they use:
> http://www.primitiveitch.com/ppfx/docs/systemsettings.htm
> It's a typical example of an 'easy to code' interface, which is of
> course an important feature for plug-ins. It simply visualizes a sort
> of hierarchical list of properties, which seems to allow to be
> dynamically generated as well:
> http://www.primitiveitch.com/ppfx/docs/emittersettings.htm
> Most obvious is, that in Blender we don't have the 'hierarchical list'
> or 'tree' concept for interfaces. it's a pretty common interface
> element, which can be found in most (Windows) 3d packages I think.
>  From a coders perspective, this will quickly allow to construct
> interfaces. For users and GUI designers it might be less attractive;
> especially because of allowing coders to make a GUI! ;-)
> Nevertheless, interesting to look at...
> -Ton-
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