[Bf-funboard] Particles

Martin Poirier bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 13:53:26 -0700 (PDT)

> basically, I'm suggesting that we keep the rendering
> part of the current
> system, but update the calculation code to add the
> following features:
> 1. Vortexes 
> 2. Jitter value for almost every value 
> 3. Key framing for all values 
> 4. The amount of particles be based on a "flow"
> value, and not on an
> absolute one (the value would represent about of
> particles released every
> frame, not the total amount of particles in the
> system)
> 5. Uniform distribution of particles (a large face
> will emit more particles
> than a smaller one in the same object)
> 6. Gravitons, Fans, etc. 

Like I said on the forums, this would require a major
rewrite of all the particles code. AFAIK, the only
coding we could be able to reuse the the particle
drawing code (or even that).

I am more than willing to help on such a rewrite,
especially since I have most of the algorithms/code
samples for that of particles simulation (need I say
Dynamica). However, being not to experienced in C/C++,
integrating that alone would involve an awesome lot of
trial and error and/or bugging people for answers ;)

I'm more than to participate in a team effort to do
that. This will most likely be a pretty long project
demanding a lot of communication between team members.

Anyway, enough babling, I'm willing to go forward with
a complete rewrite of the particle engine, so whoever
want to help, raise your hand.


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