[Bf-funboard] Re: [Bf-docboard] Syncing development & documentation

Paul Lunneberg bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 13 Aug 2003 16:33:21 -0400

I agree with almost everything you said Landis.  The two below.. just a question
on the collapsing and the example you gave.  Could OSA & Motion blur finally
have seperate values?  Please please please anyone?

The second one... I agree that I like the dark colors a lot more.  Having worked
in lightwave and max the dark color are a standard among FX apps.  But... Max
also provides a way for you to change the colors if you like other colors.  I
would say definitely make the colors changeable but have standard ones that are
installed/used by default.  At least start coding towards having changeable ones
if there isn't an easy user interface for it next.
my mind is blanking now...
paul lunneberg

Quoting Landis Fields <landis@landisfields.com>:

> ----COLLAPSING----
> Another one from Matt, the abilti to collapse information that you are not 
> using....need I say anything more on this. Again, not very hard to tell the 
> reader that all of the information that is discussed in XXX tutorial is 
> still there, it is just collapsed...simply click on the little arrow and it 
> will all be there...or in the case of sampling you must first enable OSA 
> before being able to adjust the number of samples...why in the hell would 
> you want to see it if you are not using it? Get it out of the users face! 
> ----COLORS----
> The colors of the interface are a little more important than alot of people 
> think and fortunatley for all of you this is the last time that this artist 
> is going to say it....MAKE EVERYTHING GREYSCALE!! If you have to change it 
> to color on cursor over but as for now it looks like a bag of skittles blew 
> up on my screen!!! I do not want to "taste the rainbow" while trying to 
> concentrate on the 3D Window during the modeling phase. (There is a reason 
> XSI looks the way it does if you have even noticed its interface in the 
> first place hint hint!!)