[Bf-funboard] buttons layout proposal

Daniel Fairhead bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 01:09:30 +0300

> So in a choice between Daniel's Tabs and Matt's Dropdown's, I vote for
> the dropdowns because I can still have all I want visible, which is not
> possible with tabs.  It will make things more elegant for and organised
> for newbies while possibly still functioning in the same way for old
> timers who got used to having everything up front!
> Nothing personal Daniel! :o) Just my opinion based on my workflow!

NP. If the dropdowns are implimented, then hopefully it means each
buttons-dropdown is seporated and object based (note, not object
oriented) in the code, and so can be re-used properly elsewhere,
for instance, in a horizontal window, the window should be re-propotional.

The drop-downs are very cool as allowing multiple things visible at a time,
but I would still vote for re-organizing the buttons within the dropdowns,
giving better labeling, button-texts, spacing, etc.

A question about dropdowns:

If we can have a horizontal window with the the dropdowns next to each
other horizontally, what happens when there are too many dropdowns to 
fit in the window? 

Whichever way it is done, all needs much thought (everything. dropdowns is very
good idea.)

If this is all done object based (note: not object oriented. can't do that easily with
c), then dropping the sections from the dropdowns into tabs should be no trouble
either, if ever that does have advantages. Or pop-up windows for other functions 
as well. (Imagine having _all_ editing functions in drop-down sections. extrude, 
subdivide, flatten, split, etc ... and then instead of a pop-up menu when you press
"w" key, you get the correct section (either as a popup, or roll-out in your buttons

This would partially solve the "hotkeys do functions I can't find in the GUI!" dialemma.

> on a side note: a 13 second 100% Blender animation commercial should make 
> its debut on 3 of our local TV stations today! ;o)