[Bf-funboard] buttons layout proposal

Fabrizio Cali bf-funboard@blender.org
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 11:40:12 +0200

Personally I don't like Daniel's tabs suggestion because I think we can
gain space by better planning, not by putting tabs within tabs?  Its not
just one new click. Its several clicks
because you need to go through most of the tabs. In your example alone,
you have to go to one to set quality, another for output etc - and all
this just to render! I'm constantly changing these settings according to
whether I'm rendering a quick preview etc. So Daniel's method means
several new clicks and lots of wasted space!

Matt's proposal makes more sense because those who want everything still
visible and have the screen resolution for it, can expand everything and
have everything on screen. Space should still NOT BE wasted though, and
each panel should still be the smallest possible while still being
practical. Especially if everything is going to be in drop down panels! :o)

So in a choice between Daniel's Tabs and Matt's Dropdown's, I vote for
the dropdowns because I can still have all I want visible, which is not
possible with tabs.  It will make things more elegant for and organised
for newbies while possibly still functioning in the same way for old
timers who got used to having everything up front!

Nothing personal Daniel! :o) Just my opinion based on my workflow!

on a side note: a 13 second 100% Blender animation commercial should make 
its debut on 3 of our local TV stations today! ;o)

..and I still haven't been told at what time! >o(
Hope I don't miss it!

Will hopefully be able to give other details in due time...  ;o)

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