[Bf-funboard] Re: XSort and Hash

Mark Luffel bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 23:56:44 -0400

> S'a good question. Also, I understand that the error which causes 
> "mirrored" faces to appear black in the OpenGL preview windows is due 
> to the inverted matrix that is a "mirror" being something that OpenGL 
> doesn't like. I'd often wondered if XSort ought not to fix that 
> problem by re-sorting the vertices into one direction: top to bottom 
> on the X axis?
My understanding on the mirrored faces is that you do the -100% scale, 
the vertices are affected, but not the surface normals. If the surface 
normals were scaled along with the vertices, then mirrored faces would 
appear regular. Can someone comment on this possibility?

> If the XSort button does NOT do that, SHOULD it?
No, the XSort should just reorder the vertices according to their x 
value. The one use for this button (and the Hash button) was to specify 
the order that the Build effect should progress.

Does anyone have another use for XSort and Hash than as complements to 
the Build effect? If not, should the buttons be moved from the Mesh tab 
to the Animation:Effect:Build panel?