[Bf-funboard] buttons layout proposal

Matt Ebb bf-funboard@blender.org
Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:17:11 +1000

I agree with Roel - Rather than just continuing the same old design
philosphy, but making more room (by adding another layer of hierarchy :/) I
think we should be aiming for something a bit more flexible. I'd prefer to
move to a system of dividing the buttons into logical segments and letting
them be hidden or revealed. This would be much more useful for the user
since you could hide away the stuff you don't use and have a nice clear
layout of your favourite tools at a glance, rather than having to dig
through more layers of menus/tabs.

This is what Roel has been talking about here:
http://www.spruitje.nl/code/Chameleon/ . I guess I may as well say it now
too (was going to wait until a bit less 'wip') since I think Ton showed it
in IRC, but I've been experimenting with a working prototype of the same
thing too:

We definitely do need some sort of solution to the 'button space' problem,
though and it's great that lots of people are considering this now.


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> I like your idea os splitting the window up in specified segments, but I
> dislike the tabs....
> imho, I think you could accomplish the same effect with moving buttons and
> changing buttons from push to pulldown (osa level, presets, etc)
> - Extra mouse movement and clicking needed
> - More spread out. Less easy to "find" things by eye-scanning
> - Perhaps annoy older users, until they get used to it? (heheh, CHECK!)
> finding stuff with 1 glance is a big PRO
> ah heck..maybe I'm overreacting and I'm just part of that group of old
> annoyed users :)
> Roel
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> Hi all,
> sorry, can't type explanation now, arm hurting too much.
> http://www.madprof.net/working/buttonsprop/buttons-layout.htm
> Comments?
> Dan
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