[Bf-funboard] buttons layout proposal

Roel Spruit bf-funboard@blender.org
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 19:35:21 +0200

agreed, after having diner and looking the pictures again I can see the
elegance and extendabillity of tabs. The style doesn't quite look right tho,
as you said, the tabs should more like tabs


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Onderwerp: Re: [Bf-funboard] buttons layout proposal

> I like your idea os splitting the window up in specified segments, but I
> dislike the tabs....
> imho, I think you could accomplish the same effect with moving buttons and
> changing buttons from push to pulldown (osa level, presets, etc)

I looked. There are just *too* many buttons and options, I think. This way,
at least,
you don't have to do a re-organize or shuffle each time 1 new option gets
Look at the new materials window, with the shader stuff. Everything fits
now, sure,
but it is all squashed and toggles and sliders are getting muddled up all
over the
place. With these tabs, we have (practically) unlimited space. With the tabs
more like tabs, and being less wide, we get even more space. With more
and pop-up blocks (like edge-options, etc), we still have more clicks, and
not a whole
lot of space saved.

> finding stuff with 1 glance is a big PRO

Yes. But (a) once learned, its only one extra click, and options have text
by them
(if done well) so you can find things by glance "Oh look, it says
'Anti-Aliasing', that'll
be antialiasing" instead of "OSA, MBlur, Hm... er Edge settings! Ha. I want
soft edges!
What the?? *mouse over* *mouse over* *mouse over* OSA? OK!". Not that its
that of course. I think adding proper labels, and larger buttons so proper
text is visible
will be big enough bonus?

> ah heck..maybe I'm overreacting and I'm just part of that group of old
> annoyed users :)

heh. I'm an oldtime (ish) blender user, and it seems kinda odd changing
things, but I
just don't have enough screen space, and having to middle-button scroll to
find things
at times is not fun.

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