[Bf-funboard] Re: Expanding the menus

Karim Nassar bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 11:06:41 -0400

Hi Landis,

I come from a pretty varied background... my early emphasis was on CAD 
(Microstation, AutoCad, Generic CADD [BTW, if Blender were ever to 
implement GenericCADD-style shortcuts--best in the history of 
computing--, I would donate my firstborn to the blender foundation!], 

I've used everything from Pro-E to Alias Studio to FormZ to POVRay.

I have used virtually every available graphics software ever made at 
least once (Yes... even LOGO).

Finally, my formal training is in Product Design with an emphasis in 
Interface Design... so I feel pretty qualified to comment on this 
Mailing list :) :)

Someone brought up the Radial Marking Menus of Maya (and originally, 
Studio)... I personnaly LOVE that system, and anyone who has really used 
a fully-loaded marking menu in a real production environment comes to 
despise linear menus (24 commands at your fingertips, launched with a 
breath :)). Being able to launch a series of nested commands in 
literally seconds is such an amazing thing-- and it looks really cool to 
an observer... :) Like you are Conducting the software :)

Finally, If I could make one major request for interface, it would be 
that the G/S/R commands have a command-line for numeric entry. I know 
about the "N" key, but it's just not the same, workflow-wise, as being 
able to type "G10,.5,22.75[RETURN]" and getting the mesh to move exactly 
where you want it.