[Bf-funboard] Applying Animation Deformations

Matt Ebb bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 7 Aug 2003 19:02:20 +1000

Sorry for spamming with all these messages! It seems I can't shut up today!

This message reminded me of something I was thinking about earlier. Many
other 3D apps have something like a 'modifier stack' where tools can
non-destructively modify the object
3ds max: http://www.bergen.org/AAST/Projects/3DSMaxTutorial/modifiers.html

I've found this really useful when working with Max in the past. It seems
that the 'Effects' in Blender are quite similar, deforming the object
non-destructively, and could be made more powerful. If there was an option
to freeze the deformations (a 'static' button similar to particles?) instead
of animating, then Blender could have a useful modifier stack too (it would
just take coders to add neat modifiers :P. some ideas could be things like
Twist, Bend, Randomise, Inflate etc.). But this modifier stack would be
better than in other apps because (as they are currently), the modifiers
could animate too, like the wave effect.

I've probably done a bad job of explaining this idea - maybe I should make a


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> It would be nice if Ctl-Shift-A worked for applying deformations from
> Animation effects, especially the wave effect.  Some things are naturally
> wavy, even if they don't move in a wave form.  It should take the current
> frame and apply the deformation as if it were from the current frame.
> Thoughts?
> Jon
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