[Bf-funboard] Pie Menus as part of user interface

Landis Fields bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 7 Aug 2003 02:24:18 -0000


lol..funny how things work out like that...yeah man...I dont know if you 
read one of my last messages but Maya's Hotbox comment I had on how it is 
also envoked by the spacebar much like Blenders toolbox....well....it is 
setup this way (pie like)....more acuratly...like a compass (North, East, 
South, West). It is VERY fast since everytime you mouse in that direction it 
changes...damn...I forgot how fast that really was...anyways...good idea 
man. I am not sure how to impliment it into Blender though...unless you 
would have the option to substitute it in for the trdional style used 
currently by the toolbox and specials menu. Anywas, I have typed too much 
again...I should be working on learning this XML stuff or working on that 
blasted tutorial...RRRRRRR! :)