[Bf-funboard] Expanding the menus

Matt Ebb bf-funboard@blender.org
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 14:40:37 +1000

> For the Edit Curves/Mesh issue, here's my proposal:
> Those modelling tools (that's what they are) must be fast to access by
> mouse for the newbies so a top level menu would be just fine

Hmm, just an update on this, I added some 'placeholder' top level menus for
Mesh, Curve, Ipo, Text and it really made it way too big:


At that size, it's counter-productive since it makes it quite difficult to
sort through all the different options in the line to find what you're
looking for. I really don't like the Maya approach of having the different
Animation, Rendering, Modeling, Dynamics menus either.

The only solution I like at the moment (which isn't that good) is to keep
Mesh, Curve, etc in a sub-menu, and redesign the toolbox to be better
organised and laid out, and more context-sensitive. For example, if you are
in mesh editmode, the toolbox will show a list of relevant mesh editing
options perhaps a bit similar to the WKEY specials menu. If you are editing
text, the toolbox will show a bunch of text editing options. All these
options would be in the menu too in submenus under Edit >, but they just
wouldn't be as efficient to use (if you want efficiency, then use the
toolbox or hotkeys).

Anyone have any more ideas on this?