[Bf-funboard] Expanding the menus

Daniel Barbeau bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 21:51:31 +0200

Hello Matt.

Again I really like the changes you've done to the UI, it's getting
clearer and clearer.

For the Edit Curves/Mesh issue, here's my proposal:
Those modelling tools (that's what they are) must be fast to access by
mouse for the newbies so a top level menu would be just fine.
There's you'd have to put both curve tools and mesh tools. submenus?
case sensitive menu?
Sub levels slow done too much I think. But Case sensitive, if
incorrectly done can lose the newbies, so the distinction should be
done, not by hiding the unavailable tools, but graying htem out and
that makes a super long dropdown menu no? how many entries? 39?
That's a lot...( by the way, i noticed you merged some selection tools
to modelling tools... you sure you want to do this?)

How to solve these issues (the need for speed, and accessibility, and
compactness) ?
I guess i would go for the F9 panel... I know it's pretty cramed up
with buttons already, but THIS panel would be IMHO the place for such
You should check solmax' mockup about a property editor.
This *could* replace the Edit panel efficiently but would need some
expanding.. This Property editing panel should be quickly
scrollable... i don't say it should be adopted right away but in the
futur, such an option SHOULD be considered.

I hope this helps