[Bf-extensions-cvs] [61b14817] master: Node Wrangler: Lazy Connect always called with menu

Philipp Oeser noreply at git.blender.org
Tue Mar 12 12:45:49 CET 2019

Commit: 61b14817280d42ca136053e69c6af15c6da376ea
Author: Philipp Oeser
Date:   Tue Mar 12 12:18:50 2019 +0100
Branches: master

Node Wrangler: Lazy Connect always called with menu

Once used with the 'with_menu' option this could not be used without
menu anymore.

Fixes T62469


M	node_wrangler.py


diff --git a/node_wrangler.py b/node_wrangler.py
index 618407de..f4d06f76 100644
--- a/node_wrangler.py
+++ b/node_wrangler.py
@@ -4656,7 +4656,7 @@ kmi_defs = (
     # Lazy Mix
     (NWLazyMix.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', False, False, True, None, "Lazy Mix"),
     # Lazy Connect
-    (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', True, False, False, None, "Lazy Connect"),
+    (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', True, False, False, (('with_menu', False),), "Lazy Connect"),
     # Lazy Connect with Menu
     (NWLazyConnect.bl_idname, 'RIGHTMOUSE', 'PRESS', True, True, False, (('with_menu', True),), "Lazy Connect with Socket Menu"),
     # Viewer Tile Center

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